CD: Ганелин Вячеслав, Esti Kenan Ofri "Birds Of Passage"

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Издательство: Leo Records, 2003

Вес: 90 г.

Подарочное издание, jeswwel box, 4-страничный буклет, диск издан в Англии.

1. From A Nest
2. Gravity
3. Turn Me Into A Bird

Slava Ganelin — piano, synth., percussion
Esti Kenan Ofri — voice, percussion

Recorded live at the "Tsolelet Tsehuba" ("Yellow Submarine") Music Centre, Jerusalem, July 3, 2001.

A fairly new partner of Slava Ganelin, Esti Kenan Ofri (dance and voice) feels especially intimate with the singing traditions of Sephardi Jews and the classical Arabic music. In 1988 Luciano Berio wrote for her a leading part in his work "Ofanim", a part she has sung on many occasions accompanied by many renowned orchestras such as the Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Claudio Abado. She's been also performing with percussionist Oren Freed presenting a special approach to Spanish-Jewish tradition of dance and music.

Вячеслав Ганелин

Ганелин Вячеслав, Esti Kenan Ofri - Birds Of Passage

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