CD: Сайнхо - "Temenos. Soundtrack"

Цена: 600 р.



Издательство: Leo Records, 2000.

Вес: 90 г.

Краткое описание:
Jewel box, многостраничный буклет. Диск произведен в Англии.

1. Opening
2. The Virgin's Time
3. The Virgin's Clearing
4. The Virgin's Hollow (echo-memories)
5. Spring Grotto
6. The Virgin's Passage
7. The Virgin's Weeping
8. The Virgin's Hollow
9. First Memoir
10. Second Memoir
11. Third Memoir
12. Archiropoiete
13. The Virgin's Calling
14. The Rosebush
15. Fourth Memoir
16. Temenos
17. Houwa At The Site Of The Apparition
18. The Descent Of Aquero
19. Soho Square
20. The Virgin's Time
21. La Fin
22. Epilogue

Pavlo Beznosiuk - Composer, Primary Artist, Vielle
Catherine Bott - Composer, Primary Artist, Soprano, Soprano (Vocal), Voices
Shelley Hirsch - Composer, Drones, Primary Artist, Vocals, Voices
Sainkho Namtchylak - Composer, Echo, Humming, Primary Artist, Sound Effects, Vocal Effect

Temenos, a film by Nina Danino, is a metaphysical thriller.

The title means sacred site; and refers to the places around Europe where the Virgin is said to have appeared, or said to be still appearing.

Don't be misled. This music is not about pretty songs or moodish ambient electronica.

Prepare yourself for the most amazing sounds from three most amazing voices, with Sainkho delivering her famous over and undertones, and cries of both ecstasy and terror.

The total time is 63:20



Сайнхо - Temenos. Soundtrack

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