LP (винил): Борисов Алексей, Sergey Kasich, Giovanni De Dona, Gianluca Ghini "Moscou aller-retour" (LP)

Цена: 3800 р.


Издательство: Koo Editions, 2023

Вес: 250 г.

Чёрный винил.

Side A
1. Alexei Borisov / Sergey Kasich – Live at GES-2

Side B
2. Giovanni De Donà / Gianluca Ghini – Petroni apartment session

"Лайв Борисова и Касича, записанный в Москве на фестивале Geometry of Now 2017. На другой стороне тот же материал, но репекшированный итальянскими коллегами…"

Graphic Design – Pasquale Ascione
Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann

An imaginary train journey between Bologna and Moscow.

The original recording of the entire experimental electronic session performed at the audiovisual festival “Geometry of Now,” Moscow (2017) curated by Mark Fell, reworked in Bologna (Italy) with custom analog equipment in 2022.

Alexei Borisov, the Moscow underground legend who has spanned new wave, industrial, electronic noise and constructivist experimentation, dialogues with artist and curator Sergey Kasich, a sound and media artist originally from Sevastopol, Crimea, founder and main curator of the SA)) community for experimental sound artists from the post-Soviet regions (https://soundartist.ru), as well as the SA))_gallery and SA))_studio in Moscow.

The deconstruction of that live performance is meant to underscore the evidence of the lie of the end of history and the inadequacy of theories produced by the relativist burden of postmodernity with its illusory recombinations, revivals and remixes, lead to the search for a misaligned and alt-modern subjectivity that concretely emerges from an imaginary journey into the era of the materialization of the unexpected, like the sudden concreteness of a window that no longer squeaks, but slams…

The “Petroni apartment session” was recorded in Bologna, by also mixing concrete elements of environmental recording to emphasize the sudden impending immediacy of the real dimension

Алексей Борисов

Борисов Алексей, Sergey Kasich, Giovanni De Dona, Gianluca Ghini - Moscou aller-retour (LP)

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