CD: Борисов Алексей / Fake Cats Project "Dutzend"

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Издательство: Attenuation Circuit, 2023

Вес: 60 г.

Четырёхполосный диджипак. Издан в Германии.

1. Bells
2. A Kitten Looks Into The Soldier's Eyes
3. Memoirs Fight Club
4. The Smoke & The Raven
5. A Solnze Vzoidet Song
6. Neko No Uta
7. Businessman
8. Five Bottles
9. Escape
10. Fake Cats Project Robs Rachmaninoff
11. My Horse Broke His Leg
12. Goluboy

Сборник треков из разных альбомов

MUSIC / PERFORMED / RECORDED / MIXED BY: Fake Cats Project, 2015-2023

Igor Levshin: voice, lyrics, guitar, bass, keybords
Kirill Makushin: voice, lyrics, accordion (bayan), synth
Alexei Borisov: bass, guitar, drums, analog synths, tape recorder
German Vinogradov: voice, lyrics
Pavel Bannikov: bass, domra
Pavel Sheveliov: didgeridoo, bass-clarinet
Suren Akopyan: drums
Sasha Zaitsev: electric drums
Ilia Gnoensky: piano

Anonymous Street Singers, Baggers And BBQ Eaters
Artem Amatuni : Mastered (2,4)
Cover By Natalia Levhina

1. Bells
"Sad Songs" 2015

2. A Kitten Looks Into The Soldier's Eyes
"Russian Canon" 2016 and "Classics Double-Binded" 2018

3. Memoirs Fight Club
"Love Is A Ping Pong Ball" 2016

4. The Smoke & The Raven
"Perowo Songs" 2021

5. A Solnze Vzoidet Song
"Russian Canon" 2016

6. Neko No Uta
"Fake Cat Songs" 2015

7. Businessman
"Kajdaya Noch" 2023*

8. Five Bottles
"Two Garik (German) Vinogradov FCP-Bicapo Sessions 2022

9. Escape
"Haru's Songs At The Downscale Night" 2023**

10. Fake Cats Project Robs Rachmaninoff"
"Music Laundering Machine" 2016 and "Classics Double-Binded" 2018

11. My Horse Broke His Leg
"Two Garik (German) Vinogradov FCP-Bicapo Sessions 2022"

12 Goluboy (Bonus Track. 2015)

* Recorded and First Mix 2017 / Final Mix 2023
** New Album (To Be Released Soon)

'Dutzend' is German for 'dozen' — and indeed this CD contains twelve tracks. In a more commercial part of the music world, it could be considered a best-of compilation. Here in the experimental underground, it is an opportunity to tap into the music of Fake Cats Project which, since their founding in 2015 by Kirill Makushin, Igor Levshin, and Alexei Borisov, has been released in various places and is now mainly found on their Bandcamp page.

The music of Fake Cats Project is psychedelic, melancholic, and highly eclectic. While titles are usually in English, the lyrics are mostly in Russian. This is owed in part to the fact that Fake Cats Project, while rooted in an experimentally-minded concept of rock with a strong tendency towards ambient-ish post-rock, also utilise a lot of musical material from the 'Russian Canon' (title of a 2016 album). But they approach folk songs and the classical canon not in the spirit of reverence for purity, authenticity, or 'national grandeur', but rather with the attitude reflected in the track title 'Fake Cats Project Robs Rachmaninoff'. Stealing, or rather recycling, rewriting, reconfiguring, recoding those parts of a tradition that are found useful for the creation of something new and better, while getting rid of the aspects of said tradition that no longer work: that's the spirit in which Fake Cats Projects approach Russian music (and any other music, too).

Fake Cats ProjectАлексей БорисовГерман Виноградов

Борисов Алексей / Fake Cats Project - Dutzend

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