CD: Witches Brew и Антон Пономарёв "Claws of Jaguar"

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Издательство: Mouhoi, 2023

Вес: 70 г.

Jewel box. Производство — США.

1. ( ( ( Claws Of The Jaguar ) ) )

Deep within the heart of an ancient forest, The Wolf, The Jaguar, The Bull, The Bear, and The Raven resided. They were guardians of the woodland, protectors of balance and harmony. But a sinister force had tainted their peaceful abode, corrupting the very essence of nature itself. Driven by an insatiable curiosity, the brave companions set forth on a perilous quest to investigate the corruption that had spread beyond the forest.

As the crew ventured into the unknown, they encountered strange and eerie allies who had also felt the planet's plight. Among them was a delicate Butterfly, her fragile wings tinged with darkness, a reflection of the encroaching evil. The Butterfly revealed that the once serene meadows, where flowers bloomed in vibrant colors, were now plagued by withered petals and a sense of foreboding.

Continuing their journey, the group stumbled upon a vast ocean, where a majestic whale swam through murky waters. The Whale's mournful song echoed through the depths, resonating with the anguish of a world drowning in corruption. The Whale shared tales of how the once teeming ocean had transformed into a watery graveyard, where life struggled to survive.

In the dense undergrowth, a sleek panther emerged, his lithe form weaving through the shadows. The Panther spoke of the darkened jungles, where the harmonious symphony of wildlife had been silenced by an overwhelming sense of dread. The once thriving ecosystem now twisted into a sinister labyrinth, where predators became prey and darkness lurked behind every leaf.

Further along the journey, they encountered a crafty lizard, who scuttled among fallen logs and decaying branches. The Lizard informed them of the desolate wastelands, where the land had cracked and split, giving birth to a desolation that seemed to devour all life. The Lizard's scales reflected the sickly hues of a world suffocating under the weight of corruption.

As the group delved deeper into the planet's plight, a chilling realization washed over them. The corruption they sought to combat was not merely an external force, but a reflection of the darkness dwelling within themselves. Each member of the group struggled with their own inner demons, their fears and doubts magnified by the malevolence that tainted the planet. The combined strength of this Witches Brew became their only hope. United against the encroaching darkness, they confronted their inner fears head-on, confronting the shadows that threatened to consume them. In a climactic battle, the companions fought not only against external horrors but also against the twisted manifestations of their own corrupted souls. The wolf, Jaguar, Bull, Bear, Raven, Butterfly, Whale, Panther, and Lizard stood together, their combined efforts imbued with determination and an unwavering resolve. With a surge of power, they expelled the corruption that had plagued them, purging the planet of its malevolence. As the darkness receded, the forests regained their vitality, the oceans teemed with life once more, the jungles echoed with the calls of myriad creatures, and the wastelands bloomed with newfound hope.

United in their triumph, the crew returned to the forest. They had not only saved the planet from its corruption but had also discovered the strength that lies within unity and the power of overcoming one's own inner demons. Forever bonded by their shared journey, the companions remained vigilant, their spirits forever intertwined, ready to face any darkness that may threaten the delicate balance of their world.

Alto Saxophone By The Jaguar
Bass By The Bear
Drums By The Bull
Guitars By The Raven
Trumpet By The Panther
Bass & Tenor Saxophone By The Whale
Flute By The Butterfly
Trombone By The Lizard
Electronics by the Dagnje


Witches Brew и Антон Пономарёв  - Claws of Jaguar

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