LP (винил): Виды Рыб "Some Songs Of A Dumb World" (2LP)

Цена: 5500 р.


Издательство: Galaxiid, 2023

Вес: 600 г.

Прозрачный винил. Издан в Германии.

Side A
1. Takk
2. Tak (Svet Na Zakate)
3. Ta
4. T (Kometa Shoemaker-Levi 9)

Side B
1. Dumb World
2. Sh-Sh (Kisloroda Nuzhno Chut-Chut)
3. Sh (Samka Osminoga)

Side C
1. Sh-Sh-Sh (Naberi Mne Nomer)
2. Yamal Pt 1
3. Operators Pt 1
4. Salmon Hunting/Kaluga-Mars

Side D
1. Numb World
2. Kot
3. Yamal Pt 2
4. Operators Pt 2

Первое виниловое издание дебютного альбома в актуальной редакции на двойном прозрачном виниле на европейском лейбле Galaxiid

After Trip Trap, TRIP's sub-label GALAXIID releases the debut album by the Species Of Fishes duo. The record, originally released by the Dutch experimental label Korm Plastics in 1994, has influenced two generations of post-Soviet musicians. 'Some Songs of a Dumb World' is like a quest that you can either take up or appreciate as a mosaic of different music styles.

Igor Kolyadny and Vitaly Stern initially worked separately but later shared ideas during home sessions to build their own psychedelic world. They used a large number of cassette samples, including the voices of physicists, paranormal researchers, astronomers, and wildlife TV show hosts, combining them with pulsating rhythms inspired by various electronic music genres. The result, as the duo
described it in an Inverted Audio interview), is 'a sort of alienated, extraterrestrial, studying view on the sound component of human activity.'

For the very first time, the tracks from the debut album by Species Of Fishes are now available on vinyl. The double LP reissue with the refreshed version of the original artwork includes the original tracks, mixed between 1993 and 1994, but re-edited and remastered by Igor Kolyadny in 2021. Two tracks were released on the lesser-known follow-up 'Songs of a Dumb World Part 2', while "Salmon Hunting/Kaluga-Mars" is being released for the first time

Виды Рыб

Виды Рыб - Some Songs Of A Dumb World (2LP)

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