CD: HMK Trio (John Hart, Jimmy Madison, Дмитрий Колесник) "Russian Caravan"

Цена: 300 р.


Издательство: Бомба-Питер, 2009

Вес: 50 г.

Шестиполосный диджислив.

1. Russian caravan
2. Blues for R.C.
3. Regrets
4. Haunted Heart
5. Heretics
6. Lullaby of the leaves
7. Until then
8. Hipnosis

John Hart — guitar
Jimmy Madison — drums
Dmitri Kolesnik — bass

All titles by Dmitri Kolesnik, exept
(3) by J. Lennon — P. McCartney,
(5) by H. Dietz — J. Green,
(6, 9) by J. Hart,
(8) by J. Young — B. Petkere,
(10) by D. Kolesnik — A. Kondakov

Recorded: 1/ 26 and 3/ 22/07 at Garden Production Studio, NYC
Recording engineer, mixing and mastering : Jimmy Madison
Produced by John Hart, Dmitri Kolesnik & Jimmy Madison

Колесник Дмитрий Викторович. Дата рождения — 14.02.1959, место рождения — Ленинград. Контрабасист. Один из ведущих контрабасистов Ленинграда в 80-е годы, партнер Давида Голощекина. В 1982 окончил Ленинградский институт авиаприборостроения, а через три года — Музыкальное училище им. М. П. Мусоргского по классу контрабаса. Дебютировал в трио пианиста Константина Дюбенко (1980), в 1981–82 играл в квинтете Игоря Бутмана, затем почти пять лет (1982–86) работал в ансамбле Давида Голощекина. Выступал на многих отечественных фестивалях. В 1988 переехал в Москву, играл в кафе "Синяя птица", а через год эмигрировал в Германию (в Западный Берлин). С середины 90-х годов живет в Нью-Йорке. Два года учился у Рона Картера. Выступает со многими американскими исполнителями.
Эмигрировавший в Америку в 1991 году контрабасист Дмитрий Колесник был уже известным музыкантом в СССР, игравшим с Бутманом, Кондаковым, Рябовым и пр. Тем не менее, в США он довольно успешно продолжил карьеру. Его альянс с гитаристом Джоном Хартом и барабанщиком Джимми Мэдисоном, результатом которого стал данный альбом, записанный в Garden Production Studio, NYC, интересен своим cool джазовым звучанием, с лёгкой русской нервинкой в басовой партии в контрапункте с холодными пассажами Харта.
Russian Caravan is a brand new collection of standards and originals by the trio HMK, a collective that is fronted by the bassist Dmitri Kolesnik. The disc runs the gamut from expansive originals utilizing odd meters and exotic grooves to straight ahead swingers and lush ballads. Kolesnik has enlisted the services of the multi faceted guitarist John Hart and the prolific veteran drummer Jimmy Madison to create this eclectic mix.
The trio first played together in a small club in East Greenwich Village one fall night in 2006. "From the first song it felt like we had been playing together for years" recalls Kolesnik. "Immediately after the gig the three of us were unanimous in wanting to document the sounds we had just experienced. Jimmy has a recording studio in Manhattan and it made perfect sense to meet up there and see what we could come up with."
The title track and opening number, Kolesnik's haunting Russian Caravan, immediately establishes that this is no run of the mill trio date. Set in 7/4 time the bass line and melody intertwine to create a trancelike mood. Later Hart's guitar soars as the improvisation begins to heat up and reaches a peak as Madison adds his own fiery solo to the blend.
Blues for RC is another Kolesnik original penned for his friend and teacher Ron Carter. It's a feature for the bass and Dmitri impresses with his beautiful sound as he states the melody. This is a different side of the trio, it's a blues and they are swinging from the get go, no prisoners taken.
Lennon and McCartney's Michelle was arranged by John Hart and is taken as a delicate jazz waltz that highlights the trio's empathy and interplay. Next up they tackle a burning Kolesnik original called Regrets, an up tempo swinger that has a deceptive bass line which affords the composition an angular edge. They bring it back to earth with the gorgeous ballad Haunted Heart, which the trio interprets with an exquisite refinement.
Hart's original provides a glimpse into the trio's dark side, and they tackle the slithering mixed meter affair with passion and abandon. Anuita is a Kolesnik original in 5/4, but this odd meter piece is a bouncy number with echoes of Wes Montgomery. Who says that 5/4 can't swing! The band glides right into the chestnut Lullaby of the Leaves, again swinging with an economy and spaciousness that is all too rare into today's hectic world.
The penultimate piece, Until Then, is a lyrical bossa penned by Hart, which allows the guitarist to flex his formidable chops. The disc concludes with perhaps the most challenging composition of the set, a piece written by Dmitri and pianist Andrei Kondakov entitled Hypnosis. It has an African 6/8 pulse brewing beneath the ever-shifting harmony and darting melody. It features Jimmy Madison, whose pan rhythmic approach is free yet grooving hard.
This disc captures three artists, each who has established his own unique voice in the jazz world, collaborating to create a trio sound that is modern, wide ranging, but still retains the feel good quality that is the hallmark of all great music. Enjoy …

Дмитрий Колесник

HMK Trio (John Hart, Jimmy Madison, Дмитрий Колесник) - Russian Caravan

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