LP (винил): Псой Короленко, Даниэл Кан "Четвёртый Унтернационал" (LP)

Цена: 2500 р.


Издательство: Auris Media, 2020

Вес: 330 г.

Чёрный винил.

Side A
1. Eretz Thuringen
2. The Asshole and The Good One
3. Israel Nothing
4. Apocalyptic Prophecy (Apokaliptishe Neviyes)
5. Dead Sea Song
6. The Jew In You

Side B
7. Ekh Lyuli Revisited
8. Israel Something
9. Eretz Thuringia
10. L’Unternationale

The third release from The Unternationale - known as Daniel Kahn & Psoy Korolenko. The Fourth Unternational - dialectical klezmer cabaret feat Polyglot Punk Poet Daniel Kahn and Avant-Bard Psoy Korolenko. Be ready for a continuation of a dizzying balladic orgy of –isms: Socialism, Zionism, antizionism, chassidism, nationalism, alcoholism and modernism, all in alternating English, Russian and Yiddish.

Daniel Kahn - vocals, accordion, grand piano, ukulele, harmonica, floor tom (10)
Psoy Korolenko - vocals
Dmitry Shumilov - double bass
Gershon Leizerson - violin
Eyal Talmudi - percussion, whistles, clarinet, back vocals (7)
Amir Weiss - guitars
Eli Preminger - trumpet, baritone horn (2)
Boris Malkovsky - bayan (1, 2, 9)
Igor Krutogolov - percussion, noise & sound (4)
Jonathan Barak - percussion (5)

Kahn & Psoy recorded in Tel Aviv at Levontin 7 club on March 28-31 2011 by Nitzan Levi , except 10 recorded at Kitcha Studios by Marko Gurkan.

All overdubs by additional musicians recorded much later in different times, different places and by different people.

Produced by Victor Levin
Edited by Jonathan Barak, Victor Levin and Eyal Shindler
Mixed by Jonathan Barak & Victor Levin
Mastered by Victor Levin
Design by Victor Levin

Псой КороленкоDaniel KahnИгорь Крутоголов

Псой Короленко, Даниэл Кан - Четвёртый Унтернационал (LP)

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