CD: Ганелин Вячеслав, Ротенберг Нед "Falling Into Place"

Цена: 1000 р.


Издательство: Auris Media, 2006

Вес: 60 г.

Четырёхполосный диджипак.

1. The Foot In It
2. The Place With The Space
3. A Blue Dance
4. Wood In The Metal
5. First Conversation
6. Slaps In Time
7. Luminous Staircase
8. Grassland
9. Encore

Slava Ganelin — grand piano, synthesizer, percussion
Ned Rothenberg — clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, shakuhachi

1, 3, 4 composed by Ned Rothenberg
2 composed by Slava Ganelin
5, 6, 7, 8, 9 composed by Ganelin / Rothenberg

Recorded live on March 18, 2004 at "Mandel" (Tel-Aviv-Jaffa) by Udi Koomran
Edited, mixed and mastered by Udi Koomran at Ginger Studio.

Photographs: Olga Vinogradski
Cover Artwork: Igor Krutogolov
Cover design: Igor Krutogolov & Victor Levin

Technical Help: Leonid Ulitsky, Tatiana Bogoslavsky, Boris Martzinovsky
Executive producer: Victor Levin

The Ganelin Trio — probably the most recognized group of the Russian jazz scene during the last decade of the USSR — was officially disbanded at the end of the '80s. Both saxophonist Vladimir Chekasin and percussionist Vladimir Tarasov remained in now-independent Lithuania, keeping themselves busy in different projects mostly in Europe, while pianist Vyacheslav (Slava) Ganelin moved to Israel, where he works as a composer, often doing solo concerts and occasionally performing and recording in and out of the country with his old trio as well as with other musicians. Three of his recent records were released by the young, Tel-Aviv based Auris Media label. Falling into Place was recorded live in Jaffa with clarinetist and saxophonist Ned Rothenberg.
Technically speaking, this album is not a duo record. The concert featured two solo sets each by Ganelin and Rothenberg, with only twenty minutes at the very end when both musicians shared the stage. To balance the sound of the recording, the opening song from Rothenberg's set was moved in front of Ganelin's extensive 35-minute-long piece.
On his three solo pieces Rothenberg plays three different instruments: bass clarinet, clarinet and alto saxophone. All tunes share a full, deep, rich sound with slow changes and plenty of circular breathing, beautifully captured by the recording engineer. In contrast, Ganelin uses his entire arsenal, including piano, synthesizer and percussion, and he ranges from the slow and somewhat unnatural sounds of a fake synthesized orchestra to furiously fast, virtuosic piano passages with a strong, well-articulated attack. In the end, the disparity in sound and musical approaches is eliminated by five short duo improvisations.
Falling into Place might not be the best introduction to either musician, but listeners who are familiar with these players will enjoy the recording.

Вячеслав Ганелин

Ганелин Вячеслав, Ротенберг Нед - Falling Into Place

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