CD: Столяр Роман, Sarath Ed "Amazing Blue"

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Издательство: Ermatelle Records, 2012

Вес: 90 г.

Jewel box, 4-стр. буклет.

1. The Flow
2. Slidings
3. Missing A Walking Bass
4. Giant Jumps
5. Counterpoints
6. Sphere
7. Pulse
8. Dialog
9. Explosive Mixture
10. Fourplay
11. Talking Heads
12. Siberian Dance

Roman Stolyar - piano, recorders
Ed Sarath - flugelhorn
David Haughey - cello
Patrick Booth - tenor saxophone
Billy Satterwhite - bass

Recorded live by David Schall at Kerrytown Concert House, Ann Arbor MI, November 1, 2011

Once we see the names written just right after the composition titles on an album cover, we start thinking that we are reading the names of persons by whom these pieces are composed. But for this album it's absolutely wrong to think that way. Why? Because all tracks of this CD are totally improvised. All five musicians had just no idea what they should play and how they should interact within each piece - they even didn't know the titles you can read on this cover now. On the other hand, all these musicians have quits sufficient, though different, experiences in creating music right on stage without any agreement. Ed Sarath, a prominent improviser and educator at the University of Michigan, is not only a performer but a founder of the unique program of studying improvisa¬tion combined with spiritual practicing. Three grad students from the University of Michigan - David Haughey, Patrick Booth and Billy Satterwhite - studying stylistically open improvisation under his supervision, already sound quite mature. Siberian pienist and composer Roman Stolyar, always interesting in international collaboration whatever country he visits, couldn't miss the opportunity to create some spontaneous music during his staying at the residency in Ann Arbor. So he did it. How have it been? You are the only person who can judge it - go ahead, take your time, listen to the music recorded on this CD. And - hopefully - enjoy.

Роман Столяр

Столяр Роман, Sarath Ed - Amazing Blue

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