CD: Higanbana / Equinox Flower - "How To Become Slaves"

Цена: 300 р.



Издательство: Авторское издание, 2018.

Вес: 50 г.

Краткое описание:
Конверт, CD-R, авторское издание.

1. Slavery For Ever
2. Dead Seed
3. Bright Flashes In The Darkness
4. Black Earth! There Is No More God, In It Only Worms
5. Consumer Society
6. Your Body (Is Your Only Shelter)
7. The Small Adventure

The work is devoted to the theme of pressure of state structures on the social, moral and spiritual life of a person as a whole; to the totalitarianism, the authoritarianism and other manifestations of fascism in itself. It is also dedicated to the theme of emotional burnout and individual decomposition, artificial stagnation of consciousness.

The program of live performance Equinox Flower that has never been realized. The record and consideration – diy from February until July 2018. All the instruments, sounds, noises and lyrics - Equinox Flower. Photo on the cover - А.Kh. (@off__air)

Thanks for: EZh, N.Turlenko, V.Destrkh, A.Kh., / Mike R. Dando, John Pyle and to everyone who helped me invisibly.



Higanbana / Equinox Flower - How To Become Slaves

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