CD: Зуля Камалова и Дети Подземелья - "The Waltz Of Emptiness"

Цена: 800 р.



Издательство: Unstable Ape Records, 2005.

Вес: 80 г.

Краткое описание:
Jewel box, 8-стр. буклет. Диск издан в Австралии.

1. Leaving / Всё
2. The Waltz of Emptiness / Вальс пустоты
3. Does it Matter? / Не все ль равно?
4. City March / Городской марш
5. Children of the Underground / Дети подземелья
6. In the Field / Народная
7. When Love… / Когда любовь…
8. I Can’ t Sleep / Сон не идет
9. Green Storm / Зеленая пурга
10. A Good Reason / Неспроста
11. I Opened My Heart (and You Moved in) /Открыла сердце (и ты вселился)
12. The Leap / Прыжок
13. No( t ) Home / (У) меня нет дома
14. Nevechernyaya / Невечерняя

National Film and Sound Archive Award 2005
in the top 20 of World Music Charts Europe for 4 months!

In this album Zulya has strayed from the oil fields of Tatarstan and found herself on (and under) the chaotic streets of Moscow. She has traded in her trusty horse and is now traveling with her outstanding new band, The Children of the Underground, on the incredible Moscow Metro. This long-awaited all-original Russian-language album has been nearly two years in the pipeline. It explores the depths of the Russian soul, inspired by Zulya ‘s life in that complex and mysterious country. It is an album about home and homelessness; belonging and freedom; difference and indifference; public transport and walking alone.

Validate your ticket and come along for an exciting trip to the Russian Underground.

Along with Zulya (vocals, acoustic guitar), the Children of the Underground are: Anthony Schulz (piano accordion), Lucas Michailidis (electric guitar), Andrew Tanner (double bass) and Justin Marshall (drums, percussion).

Guest Musicians on the Album:
Eamon McNelis – trumpet, Jordan Murray – trombone, Per Forsberg – tuba, Adam Simmons – bass clarinet, Julian Swinnerton – cello, Carlos Boutros Carlos – banjo. Male choir “Gorani”: Frank Hajncl, Roger King, Grant Mathews, Jorg Metz, Dudleigh Morse, Bob Segrave, Goph Shaw, Ian Vitcheff, Geoff Waters
All songs are by Zulya Kamalova, except 3, 10, 11, 13 by Zulya Kamalova and Andrew Tanner, and 1, 2, 6, 9, 12 by Zulya Kamalova, Andrew Tanner, Anthony Schulz, Lucas Michailidis and Justin Marshall and 14 (traditional gypsy)

Arranged by Zulya, Andrew Tanner and the Children of the Underground
Cover art ‘Matryona” – by Stas Kazimov, St.Petersburg


Зуля Камалова

Зуля Камалова и Дети Подземелья - The Waltz Of Emptiness

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