CD: Зуля Камалова - "Aloukie"

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Издательство: Unstable Ape Records, 2002.

Вес: 90 г.

Краткое описание:
Jewel box, 6-стр. буклет. Диск издан в Австралии.

1. Saginou / Yearning
2. Sahralarda / In the woods
3. Onyta almym / I can’t forget
4. Atikaemneng oenda / At my father’s
5. Tugan il / Homeland
6. Hairan bulam / In amazement
7. Ai bolubolum / Nightingale
8. Hadicha abiem / Grandmother Hadicha
9. Kubalegem / Butterfly
10. Minem donyada / In my world
11. Sarman / Sarman River
12. Bishek jyry / Lullaby
13. Aloukie

Zulya’s second release Aloukie awarded World Music Album of the Year 2000 in Australia continues to enjoy high acclaim.

Following the success of her debut album Journey of Voice in 1997 which has taken her touring nationwide and made her ABC Radio National favourite, in this yet another exciting creative project Zulya brought us the songs from her Tatar heritage

In Aloukie Zulya centers vocally on the hauntingly beautiful Tatar singing style, she grew up around in the heart of Russia. It is a sound originating somewhere in between Eastern Europe and Far East, that musicologists call “a bridge between Mongolian and Hungarian music”.

Zulya presents the traditional songs and the original compositions in a unique cross-cultural interpretation, celebrating the musical diversity she has experienced in the years of living in Australia.

She says “Having settled here I realised the importance of not only sharing one’s culture but also creating a unique Australian culture.”

Featuring a host of talented musicians she has arranged the songs using instruments as varied as didgeridoo, tabla, kora, double bass, bassoon, talking drum, thumb piano, flugel horn and piano accordion among others.

Aloukie means a soulful song, that invokes memories of home. Zulya’s crystalline voice shares the richness and strength of her culture whilst making a distinct new Australian sound.

All songs traditional, except 1, 6, 8, 10 by Zulya. All songs arranged by Zulya, Mal Webb and Martin Tucker, except 12 by Nino Tsitsishvili and Joseph Jordania. Recorded at Chez Mal Dipthong Studio, Melbourne, by Mal Webb. Mixed by Mal Webb and Siiri Metsar. Mastered by Martin Pullan at Edensound Mastering, Melbourne. Photography by Zulya, James Barker and Steven Wilkinson.


Зуля Камалова

Зуля Камалова - Aloukie

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