CD: The Grand Astoria - "Who's in Charge?"

Цена: 300 р.



Издательство: Flower Punk Records, 2014.

Вес: 60 г.

Краткое описание:
Подарочное издание, сингл, минивинил, конверт в конверте.

1. Who's In Charge?
2. Future Belongs To Me

Music and lyrics by Kamille Sharapodinov

Recorded in Boiler Studio, St. Petersburg (RU) during January - February 2014 by K. Sharapodinov and D. Danilov

Kamille Sharapodinov - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
Danila Danilov - vocals, melodica, kazoo, percussion
Dmitry Ogorodnov - bass
Nikita Bulatsevsky - keyboards
Sophia Miroedova - illustrations and design
Alexander Karelin - mixing and mastering

It's been five years since we decided to start off a new band and name it The Grand Astoria. These years were exciting as heaven and hell both. We have played hundreds of shows all over Europe and Russia, released four LPs and few EPs. We met so many of you we can't count. And you guys are the best friends there are. Your love to our music is what keeps us touring and recording despite all the shit we have to go through being an indie band and all.
So in celebration of our 1825 days-long journey together we decided to release these two songs. On this record you won't find any wicked riffs, complicated drum solos or crazy pedal effects. These are the songs for friends, songs we would play for you by the fire. Be our guests and enjoy the quiet side of The Grand Astoria
Sincerely yours,


The Grand Astoria

The Grand Astoria - Who's in Charge?

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