CD: Ахунов Сергей (Осетинская Полина, Хоффман Илья) - "Sketches"

Цена: 450 р.



Издательство: FancyMusic, 2016.

Вес: 80 г.

Краткое описание:
Подарочное издание, шестиполосный диджипак.

1. Sketch I
2. Sketch II
3. Sketch III
4. Sketch IV
5. Sketch V
6. Sketch VI
7. Sketch VII
8. Sketch VIII
9. Sketch IX
10. Sketch X
11. Sketch XI
12. Sketch XII
13. Sonata in Memory of DSCH: Novella
14. Sonata in Memory of DSCH: Scherzo
15. Sonata in Memory of DSCH: Adagio

Art has a feature of avoiding straightforward statements.
More precisely, those thoughts originality of which requires an artistic language are rarely simple or straightforward. In this case, a musical statement becomes a metaphorical one.
But what features - linguistic and stylistic - are inherent to this kind of statement? And what tasks as a result appear before the performer, the interpreter?
Sometimes we expect a metaphor to be something complex, deliberately ambiguous, but if by the statement we gain new ways of understanding, a metaphor survives. It becomes obvious and natural like a long-time proven assertion in mathematics, which over time has become a well-known theorem...
But then a new layer of metaphors appear. It comes naturally as a new coil of what was proven in the previous turn… Maybe there again is a choice appearing in front of the artist? What should the artist do, take part in the pursuit of the evolution of the metaphorical language, or hide, using seemingly familiar tools and forming a completely new context?
The author, obviously, selects the second.
Of course, this makes his music defenseless and extremely vulnerable to the performance. The slightest inaccuracy of the interpretation could trigger a completely different association and a metaphorical statement will be destroyed...
I hope that we were able to uncover the author's intention in his modern sound where archaisms, modern expression and avant-garde ideas give birth to a new dramaturgy.

Polina Osetinskaya: piano
Ilya Hoffman: viola [13-15]

Composed by Sergey Akhunov

Recorded by Alexei Barashkin
Recorded at The D. D. Shostakovich Saint Petersburg Academic Philharmonia, Large Hall, 31 May – 4 June, 2016
Edited by Alexei Barashkin
Mixed, mastered by Alexander Mikhlin
Cover photo by Anna Zyabreva


Сергей АхуновПолина Осетинская

Ахунов Сергей (Осетинская Полина, Хоффман Илья) - Sketches

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