CD: Круглов-Соояр-Лапин-Юданов - "Military Space"

Цена: 600 р.



Издательство: Leo Records, 2013.

Вес: 90 г.

Краткое описание:
Jewel box, 4-страничный буклет. Диск произведен в Англии.

1. Assault
2. Energy
3. Rear Services
4. Secret Briefing
5. Plan For The Future
6. Battlefield
7. Second Breath
8. Triumph

Alexey Kruglov - alto and tenor saxes, bassethorn, block-flute], tenor sax with trombone mouthpiece, prepared saxes
Jaak Sooäär - electric guitar, live electronics
Alexey Lapin - piano, prepared piano
Oleg Yudanov - drums, percussion

Music by – A. Kruglov / J. Sooäär / A. Lapin / O. Yudanov

Recorded live November 17, 2011 at the Jazz Centre Yaroslavl, Russia
Sound Engineer Andrei Martynenko
Mixed by Alexey Lapin

"Creme de la creme" of the Russian new music augmented by the Estonian guitar wizard deliver a performance of spontaneous combastion. It is amazing to watch how this powerful music delivered with total abandon and relentless drive is turning into a 66-minute suite with oasises of deep contemplation and beauty which are nothing but the lull before the storm. Recorded live, this music will live forever. For the convenience of a listener the suite is divided into eight episodes. Alexey Kruglov saxophones, bassethorn, block-flutes, tenor sax with trombone mouthpiece, Alexey Lapin - piano, Jaak Sooaar - el. guitar, live electronics, Oleg Yudanov - drums.


Алексей КругловЯак СоояарАлексей Лапин
Олег ЮдановЛео Фейгин

Круглов-Соояр-Лапин-Юданов - Military Space

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